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The MiG-27 is a [[1]] Ground Attack Aircraft available to [[2]] forces. It was introduced in [AirLand_Battle|Wargame: AirLand Battle]

History Edit

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27 (NATO Reporting Name "FLOGGER-D") is a single-engine, single-seat, supersonic ground attack platform developed for the Soviet Air Force. First flown in 1970, the MiG-27 was a development of the MiG-23 family. The type featured a revised nose, nicknamed "platypus" in Soviet service, which was initially introduced on the MiG-23B. After developments of the MiG-23BN, the MiG-27 broke out as its own true variant, with a stronger undercarriage, revised intakes and engine nozzle, elimination of the radar for improved visibility out of the cockpit, a laser range finder and a marked target seeker. The type entered service with the Soviet Air Force in 1975, and was used in the Soviet War in Afghanistan in the later stages, between 1987-1989.

Overview Edit

AirLand Battle Edit

The MiG-27 is a moderately-priced ground attack aircraft available to Soviet and PACT decks. Armed with a 30mm GSh-6-30 Gatling-type cannon and four Kh-23 missiles, the type is good for spot removal of heavily armored targets and command posts. The Kh-23 is powerful, but not particularly accurate, and so may require follow-up shots to destroy its intended target. The MiG-27's chief drawbacks are its lack of ECM and lack of any aerial missile compliment. These factors lead to high vulnerability against SAMs and fighters in general, so an escort should be considered. Given the type's relatively low cost and good anti-tank missile compliment, these drawbacks are not prohibitive, and the MiG-27 is a good cost-effective choice for tank hunting.

Red Dragon Edit

The MiG-27 in Wargame: Red Dragon is a moderately-priced ground attack aircraft available to Soviet and REDFOR decks. It is armed with a 30mm GSh-6-30 Gatling-type cannon and two Kh-23M missiles. The loss of two missiles is not particularly notable, since the Kh-23M is much more accurate than the baseline Kh-23 and will more likely strike its target. The type has also been given medium-level ECM (20%) to help defend against SAMs and AAMs, but a fighter escort should still be considered, as the type does not carry any AAMs for self defense. It has seen a price increase of 5 points per aircraft, and is still a good cost-effective choice for tank and command post hunting.

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